January 16, 2010

Calling all Facebook users! Scarlett needs your help!

Have you voted in the Chase Community Giving Campaign on Facebook? (Please double click on the above link to cast your vote on Facebook for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation).

The Issue

SMA -- Spinal Muscular Atrophy -- KILLS more BABIES than any other inherited disease. Babies with SMA are born healthy and their minds are never impacted by the disease. But eventually their bodies FAIL them. Within months of an SMA diagnosis, these vibrant, intelligent children fall PARALYZED and need machines to help them EAT, COUGH, SWALLOW, and BREATHE. 50% DIE before their 1st birthday, 90% by their 2nd. 1 in 40 people UNKNOWINGLY carries the SMA gene. That could be YOU. That could be YOUR child. There is NO treatment and NO cure, but there is HOPE! The National Institutes of Health -- the NIH -- has coined SMA the disease “CLOSEST to TREATMENT”. Leading researchers have stressed that a CURE is POSSIBLE -- IF provided adequate funding. And SMA research is already BENEFITING research into DOZENS of OTHER diseases. This $1 Million WILL have a MATERIAL IMPACT on CURING this CRUEL INFANT KILLER...FOREVER. Be part of a MIRACLE. VOTE: Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

The Plan

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation -- GSF -- is solely focused on raising awareness of SMA, the LEADING genetic INFANT KILLER, and accelerating research to a CURE. Chase Round One...Within days of being notified by Chase and in anticipation of receiving the $25,000 award for being voted in the top 100 charities, GSF sent $25,000 to a GROUNDBREAKING SMA RESEARCH program at UC Irvine that will be going to human clinical trials in 2010 and has the real potential to CURE SMA. This funding is ALREADY in the HANDS of RESEARCHERS and being used in the lab. Chase Final Round...GSF will direct 100% of the $1 Million awarded by Chase directly to SMA AWARENESS and CURE FOCUSED RESEARCH PROGRAMS. Who better to decide where this critical funding goes than those directly impacted by this cruel disease. GSF will select the MOST PROMISING SMA projects in need of funding and EMPOWER the SMA community to decide how the $1 Million is distributed. Be part of a MIRACLE. VOTE: Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

The Outcome

The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation -- GSF -- will move swiftly to put the CRITICAL FUNDING to IMMEDIATE WORK creating UNIQUE awareness CAMPAIGNS and getting the money into the HANDS of the RESEARCHERS who are on the BRINK of that CURE. $1 Million is an EXTREMELY MATERIAL amount of funding for SMA and WILL HELP CHANGE THIS DISEASE FOREVER. Within 90 days after winning the Chase Community Giving campaign, GSF's advisory board will select the MOST PROMISING SMA projects in need of funding. GSF will then execute a unique online voting campaign and distribute ALL FUNDS to the winning programs voted MOST IMPORTANT by the SMA community. YOU, with a vote for GSF in the Chase Community Giving campaign on Facebook, have an opportunity to help CURE SMA and SAVE the BEAUTIFUL BABIES it KILLS. $1 Million WILL help CURE SMA, END a disease, SAVE children, SAVE lives, CHANGE the FUTURE...FOREVER. Be part of a MIRACLE. VOTE: Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

To vote please visit: www.VoteForSMA.com

Thank you!!!

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