February 17, 2010

Thank you Golden Spoon

For the month of January, Golden Spoon yogurt stores in Phoenix and Las Vegas graciously helped fundraise for Scarlett's NTAF fund. They sold Scarlett Bucks and a special Scarlett Sundae that was absolutely delicious. It was cake batter yogurt with marshmallow and rainbow sprinkles. I went one afternoon and bought two. One for my husband and one for myself. I somehow managed to eat both of them before I made it home. Ha! The fundraising campaign with Golden Spoon was a HUGE success. They not only made an impact on Scarlett's life but they helped raise awareness for SMA. Here are pictures of the Scarlett Bucks from some of the stores. Thank you to Golden Spoon and to everyone that bought a Scarlett Sundae and Scarlett Buck!

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